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Stars spoiling the movie version of old books during interviews.

The fact that Martin doesn’t look “sorry” at all gets me.

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Self-taught Alaskan sculptor Lee Cross, known professionally as Wood Splitter Lee, creates incredible one of a kind fantasy creatures that are so remarkably lifelike they verge on creepy, which is just one of the things that makes them so awesome. All of Lee’s creatures are completely made by hand without the use of and patterns, molds or casts. Their bodies contain articulated skeletons wrapped with stuffing, making them very soft to handle and fully posable. They’re decorated with carefully hand-applied synthetic fur and paint. As you can see from these photos, some of Lee’s creatures are more fantastic in nature than others, but they’re all amazing to behold.

Lee’s creatures are available for purchase through weekly Auction Adoptions held on eBay.

To check out more of her phenomenal handmade creatures, visit Wood Splitter Lee’s DeviantArt gallery.

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there-are-cannibals-among-us I want these :[

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This country is such a fucking joke. Did you know that if we were to divide the income in this country fairly it would be about 300,000 per person. That’s annually. You could give each person in this country 100,000 and still have enough to invest in infrastructure and research. Instead we have people who don’t have water, don’t have their basic human rights fulfilled, because they don’t have enough to pay a bill. 

Capitalism is inhumane.

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I did a thing

this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve come across in a long time.

I understand the daily hardships that so many people have in a world ruled by white males.

I understand that sometimes this can make it feel as if all white males are the enemy (especially for those who fight for equality).

but posts like this need to stop.

you are not advancing anybodies rights.

you are not promoting anybodies equality.

this is not activism.

this is hate-mongering.




Thanks for the contribution :)

I’ve lost track, am I even allowed an opinion these days? Whatever. How about this radical idea: Let’s treat each other equally, and then we’ll all be equal? All this mindless mud-slinging achieves nothing and only serves to demonstrate how true objectives of those involved (notably NOT equality). 




You guys are good at this! :)

this isnt okay and you need to fuckin stop.




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We go forward.

This is fucking sad dude

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interesting things

pokemon conspiracy theories

common misconceptions

life hacks

useful life hacks

life hackable

cool sounds
you know this site its cool

color quiz

one of those websites where you sort of go to another place in the world

44 really cool websites

google art project

very cool scale of observable universe 

100,000 Stars (only works with chrome)

watch this video

pictures of ice

interesting facts

things to do

donate rice and get smarter at the same time.

ideas for things you could do today 

wondering what to do with your life?

hobbies you could pick up

im not sure make an app or something

improve your vocabulary

learn to code

some free harvard university courses (they still work)

buy some really cool and cheap night lights!!

free money
free money 2

a game

memory game

100 indie games +rpgm help

games for brain


bunch of rpg-maker games


just click and donate a little (once a day  but there are 10 things you should donate to)

if your friend has an illness or disability

if your friend has depression

if your friend is suicidal

write set amount of words and get rewarded by cute kitten

write why you’re sad and get cheered up/write cheerful message and cheer sad person up.

internet fireplace

live animals if your feeling lonely while you work hard on your homework :)

more live animals


stay focused (stops you from looking at a website for too long when you are trying to do homeworkon computer)

excersices to lose lower belly fat for people with vaginas

things you should know before you go for a job interview 

more things

tips for when you’re writing an essay

stuff you should know about getting an apartment

first apartment checklist

writing a resume

video - phone calling tips for people who are not good at it

making a safe haven inside your own head

this is how to make a memory palace

54 ways to save money

queer and trans muslim resources


kids story starter thing that works so good

 happy stories

one sentence stories

ideas from people who are high

cool thing where you type about a prompt for 60 seconds

cute people on yahoo

generators to help you

this thingy

more generators to help you

generators again!

writing prompts

dramatic situations

generators again that can also help you with your art when you are on artblock

quick call 911, we’re having an writer’s block!

writing prompt to cure writers block

map to get you out of writers block

character development


some tips for characterization

questions for character relationships


some tips on how to write specific characters

more questions

some underused characters

some more underused characters

secrets that your character could have

some more secrets they could have

relationship stuff

has your character lost someone/thing they loved?

plot development

para sample ideas that you can usefor beginning something

some au ideas that you can use for beginning something

outline your novel

plotting made simple

seven steps for perfect story

generate a plot idea!


also art tip for conveying emotions i guess.

writing dialogue!

words for because and while

words for look

words to describe someone voice

type in a word to describe the feel you are trying to create and find a playlist for it

5 bad things you should avoid


creativity cards

surreal insp

dumb vocaloid comments (you can try and draw how you think the commenter looks)

some words


more toys.

neat videos

draw something with this silk thing


fun website click go
another cool website wow
oh whats this

look at these storyboards

cool animals

cool bugs

click to change channel it’s pretty cool (warning: flashing thing happen when you click)

go  to a useless website for insp (warning: sometimes websites are flashy)

lots of inspiration here (warning: bright lights and gifs and stuff)

the 3 websites above also may have nsfw material at times

monsters to know about!!

art prompt

things to do

make a wysp account

weekly contest

draw all the things

read other comics and publish your own

make a visual novel



water reference :)

pictures of places

more pictures of places

perspective angle stuff

and more

pictures of places

sailor moon screen caps
anime screecaps

type in kitchen or city or something and get a bunch of reference photos

clawed hands

clothing ref

color stuff

color schemes!

psychology of colours 

random color palette

color blender

helpful websites

sai stuff

things every artist should know
download links
these forums are full of nice people

website with tutorials, exercises, contests

read some stuff about making a comic book

draw on a big canvas with everyone else


gesture draw stuff

light studio to help you shade

website you can draw on no download necessary

another website like that


expression tutorial

pain tool sai brushes
tips to become a better artist
a tutorial masterpost

bunch of hands stuff

hand tips

another bunch of hands stuff


foreshortening video

bunch of stuff on how to draw figures in landscape

contour and highlighting face
coloring tut
night sky wow!
shiny thing



coloring 2


coloring face

glitch tutorial
coloring 3

coloring ice

3d room

coloring tutorial

how to make art with reference more tutorials under description

two coloring tutorials

sai advice

two tutorials about buildings and trees

gimp shading tut

another coloring tutorial i guess

shading clothes

another coloring tutorial

coloring tutorial

coloring tutorial again

wrinkles in cloth yeah

this isnt a tutorial but after reading how to make 3d room make pokemon secret base and try make it 3d

bg painting tips

bg advice

more bg advice

photoshop layers

water tutorial

make glow ok

draw jeans

draw those weird cloth folds omg

a tutorial masterpost

semi-realistic eye tut

shading tutorial

pixel art tutorials

pixel art tutorials 1 

pixel art tutorials 2

another make glow tutorial

coloring tutorial (try not to use black/white to shade all the time)

another coloring tutorial

this one too

another one

ms paint tutorial

ms paint tips

a color tutorial

this person has a lot of nice tips

bunch of tutorials..

a shading one

heres one way to draw slime

Characters in relation to backgrounds - tutorial

boot toot


horror manga master post!

queer books for raven claw

click surprise me and try to find a manga you like

list of good children’s books compiled by spiritual philosophers 

click random anime and try to find an anime you like

List of Furry/Animal/Anthro Related Media (TV, Movie, Anime)

movies with lesbians!

happy ending movies with lesbians

bunch of anime to watch


my masterpost of things to watch/read


Ruka Megurine Playlist (put on shuffle)

trans and queer rappers

queer music artists

plays animal crossing music according to the time



interesting things

things to do





character development

plot development




things to do


color stuff

helpful websites





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fucking dinosaurs got this

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